Commercial Appliances Installation, Service & Repair

A broken commercial appliance can slow down your entire day. Even worse is the fact that lost products and slow business practices due to to malfunctioning appliances can hurt your profits and reputation. It can be difficult to make repair decisions in a short time, but it is very necessary to get things back in working order quickly. Where do you turn if something breaks down? How do you know if you can trust an appliance repair company with your appliance? Would it be cheaper to just replace it?

You have a lot of questions about your repair needs, and we have the answers! Repairs don't need to uproot your entire day. In fact, quick, professional appliance repair can have your business back in order in mere hours. This general overview will answer your most important questions about general repair so you can take action quickly and get back to your day.

When should I repair? When should I replace?

It's almost always more affordable to repair than replace an appliance. This is especially true for the often-bulky commercial appliances that hold many items, are built-in or take up large amounts of space, or are complex. You should consider repairs if:

  • - You have identified the problem and it can be fixed for a reasonable price
  • - Quality appliance service is available and affordable
  • - You've had a similar issue in the past, and it was able to be fixed
  • - The appliance is large and replacement is unaffordable or impractical
  • - In most situations- call your local service company for estimates and advice

You should only replace an appliance when the time and cost to do so is better then a repair service job. When it comes to commercial appliances, replacing them is typically a last resort. Even only a couple days of install time can hurt your business. Comparatively, a repair takes only a few hours typically. Replacement should be considered when other options are exhausted.

What appliances can be repaired?

Our company has a comprehensive list of commercial appliances we are experienced at servicing and repairing. These include (but are not limited to): Walk-in coolers/freezers, stand-alone fridges/freezers, salad/sandwich/flower coolers, heaters/AC, wine coolers, ice machines, and water heaters.

Is there anything I can do to troubleshoot on my own?

While troubleshooting depends on the appliance in question, there are some common factors you can check. You should also consult your user's manual and other guides for more troubleshooting tips. Here are some things to check on your own. Remember to use proper safety procedures- remove the appliance from power or shut off breakers, disconnect water lines, shut off gas, and so on. NEVER attempt any service action that leaves you feeling uneasy- call a professional if you have any doubts.

  • - Is power being delivered? Check plugs, outlets, and wires
  • - Are any vents clean and free of blockages? How about filters and hoses?
  • - Am I operating the appliance correctly? Did I use an unauthorized product with my appliance?
  • - Have I been maintaining my appliance correctly?
How do I know what a quality repair service looks like?

A quality repair service is available for Los Angeles County that can have your business back in order in no time! A quality service company will take the time to answer your questions, provide scheduling that meets your needs, try to keep costs reasonable, deliver quick, friendly service, and back their work with a guarantee.

  • Commercial Walk-in Coolers
  • Commercial Freezers
  • Commercial Refrigerators
  • Commercial Salad Bars
  • Commercial Sandwich Coolers
  • Commercial Air Conditioners
  • Commercial Heaters
  • Commercial Wine Coolers
  • Commercial Ice Machines
  • Commercial Ovens
  • Commercial Griddles
  • Coin Washers / Dryers
  • Commercial Beer Coolers
  • Commercial Water Heaters
  • Flower Coolers

  • Builders
  • Restaurants & Diners
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Hospitals
  • Condominiums
  • Offices
  • Apartment complexes
  • Landlord/Tenant properties
  • Property Management Companies
  • Schools & Universities
  • Senior Managed-Care Facilities